Welcome to the website of Change Group Venturelab, a disruptive venture creation company dedicated to civil society innovation. At Change Group, we seamlessly integrate visioning, enterprise, architecture, design, build, development, investment, research, innovation and asset-lifecycle management in a single creative environment, based in London, UK.  We are inventive problem-solvers and provide real change solutions, with innovative approach to existing and new asset enhancement.  We acquire, create and offer a comprehensive range of attractive infrastructure, regeneration, property and enterprise investment products, which promote wider sustainable social and economic development. As a result, we actively harmonise the interests of all stakeholders in society, in a manner that injects real balance.

Change Group is committed to intelligent land-use and creative entrepreneurship, with sensitive response to stakeholder needs, environmental and resource management. We create new assets, preserve and develop new economic uses for existing properties, where possible; giving careful consideration to a broader sustainable vision. We not only develop well-rounded organisational systems in response to ever changing consumer demands, but also create, where necessary, disruptive enterprises with multi-asset prospects, to infuse innovative improvements in existing market sectors, thereby uniquely offering diversified investment opportunities in individual projects. Strengthened by acute expertise and experience, we have an instinctive knack for identifying and providing innovative solutions, where others fail.

Our body of work ranges from community-focused regeneration and social enterprise to major infrastructure, social and economic development ventures, with added expertise in solutions to suit specific national needs worldwide, at any stage of economic development.  We provide a far more rigorous work approach, ensuring that our projects are built on solid system design foundation.

Change Group brings together a breadth of expertise and backgrounds required to provide diverse attractive alternative investment products; ultimately, ensuring optimised asset enhancement, sustainable investment returns  and socio-economic benefits in the interest of all stakeholders.

We continue to develop this website with the commitment to offering a truly engaging user experience.  Please feel free to get in touch, whether to seek further information or give feedback on our activities and website. We thank you for visiting and hope that you would fully enjoy the intended experience of this website on completion.